Politics and Sex

On June 7, 2011, I will be a guest on a top-rated Spanish language television show discussing politicians who lie and cheat (and only about the sexual kind – otherwise there would be too many) while being elected public officials. The man of the hour is NY Rep. (Democrat) Weiner whose escapades in Twitter-Facebook collided head-on with his political career – but it seems he will survive. Unlike the other NY Rep.(Republican ) to fall victim to his own egotistical sexual fantasies via Craigslist, Chris Lee, who resigned within hours of the breaking of the scandal, Weiner chose to deny and lie just like the man who officiated his wedding less than a year ago to Sen. Hillary Rodman Clinton’s aide Huma.

I don’t think a politician’s political affiliation (Democrat or Republican) makes any difference when it comes to these type of scandals but I do think that many of the politicians recently involved in these scandals have many things in common… a huge ego and a little brain.

Then we wonder “What were they thinking ?!?”… when it comes to our national deficit, raising the ceiling of the national debt, etc… well, in times like this it becomes abundantly clear that many of these politicians that are sitting in Washington, DC, are not thinking about their constituents’ needs but of their own.

2 thoughts on “Politics and Sex


    “Weenie” is a more than curious case. A screaming Brooklyn leftist and staunch supporter of Israel (mirrors Schumer, Boxer and Wasserman-Schultz in this regard), somehow he wound up married to Huma Abedin, #1 galpal of Madame Secretary of State since the lady was First Lady, a Muslim (NOT a crime: world’s & US’s fastest-growing religion) of Subcontinental extraction said to be born in Michigan (there are arguments such as those about President Barack Obama and Brazilian “Pesadenta” Dilma Rousseff), brought up in Jeddah where her dad founded madrassas (one does not just go to Saudi Arabia and found madrassas) who waltzed into Madame’s White House office around 1995 and has been her guard-dog (what’s that other word?) ever since: not even that klutzy daughter (“Have You Ever Seen A Scream Walking?”), the husband or his hillbilly henchpersons get to Madame without Huma’s permission.

    So, what’s this marriage business in the first place? It spawned something, too, though Sci-Fi has yet to put it on. Wags figure the Billary Two-Headed Monster had something on Weenie (maybe it photographed him campaigning in a fez on Atlantic Avenue?) and used it to force a marriage to stop the rumor mill (“Google,” anyone?).

    Guess who ran the White House from ca. 1995 to Jan. 2001 while the sleazy incumbent entertained himself beneath the Oval Office desk? If you answered “Madame,” you’d be wrong. Oh yes, that period included the embassy attacks, the husband’s totaling of that Khartoum dry-cleaner, the USS Cole attack and the husband’s “near miss” on Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora. Wouldn’t it have been peachy to be on the hot line to Jeddah in Arabic all that time?

    Huma was made State’s Deputy Chief of Staff by Madame and can probably tell us a lot about the orchestration of that “Ortegazo” just pulled in Peking upon the “inconvenient” Chen Guangcheng, not by the dictatorship’s henchpersons but by the US’s own personnel (paid for by US taxpayers).

    Many kvetch today about the President’s trumpeting of his successful hit on Osama; however his greatest achievement, for which all owe him a debt of thanks, is keeping Madame and Huma out of the White House.

    Keep them out!

  2. thank you for the follow on twitter. The Castro’s will not be put ion any list to control their assets. They are working to purchase his debts. “They” are the same lobby and group of people who have kepted him in power for political votes from Cubans. I will be going soon to Miami. Jose Antonio

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