Letter to Florida’s Governor Rick Scott regarding Cuba

Dear Governor Scott:
Thank you for the excellent job you have been doing for Florida during the past 15 months. As the saying goes: No good deed goes unpunished. I’m very sorry for the unfair backlash you’ve received in connection with the signing of the Cuba-Syria Bill. “If we don’t stand up against tyranny, if we don’t stand up for political freedom…then why are we here?” Those were your words yesterday. Today I say, I stand by you.

Some of the harshest criticism against you is coming from people whose friends or business partners are profiting from the whole Cuban tragedy or whose entire political careers exist because of their Cuban views. They may proclaim to be lobbyists for a free Cuba, they may want to impose penalties for people who do business with the island but deep down somebody’s pockets or political careers are fueled by one single issue. Cuba. Frankly, I am tired of the exploitation. I want a free Cuba, I want awareness and recognition of what happens with political dissidents in the island, I want big foreign companies that profit from their dealings to do something positive for the Cuban people and their freedom. Attacking you is not going to accomplish any of those goals – to the contrary.

The legality of the new law has been questioned by Miami-Dade County Attorney so why weren’t those voices as loud to criticize county government for raising the same concerns weeks ago? It is an election year indeed – not for you Governor but for many of the politicos surrounding you yesterday at the bill’s signing. The island of Cuba was abandoned by the US government – lead by Democrat President Kennedy – when he failed to back up the Bay of Pigs veterans. For over 50 years the Cuban community has yearned for a free Cuba. It is not you, who stood against tyranny and stood up for political freedom by signing the bill who is to blame for where the Cuban people stand today – both here and in Cuba. You are responsible for improving jobs in our State, for creating transparency in government and for working for a better Florida.

I can’t wait to go to Cuba with you and Ann when it’s free of the Castro’s regime, when the Cuban activists “Damas de Blanco” (Ladies in White) and the Cuban-American activists from MAR por Cuba who dress in black as a mourning sign – can parade in colorful dresses to jointly walk down the “Malecón” without fear of reprisal along with all freed political prisoners. One day soon Cuba will be the largest trading partner with Florida and both our economies will boom as Cuba is re-built from the ashes of communism.

You already signed the bill Governor. Thank you Amigo for making it a law.

Viva Florida and Viva Cuba Libre.


Marili Cancio is the daughter of Cuban exiles, born in Miami, a Republican activist, VP of the Women’s Republican Club of Miami, Federated, REC/FFRW/OCWRC member, corporate attorney and a fan of capitalism and Gov. Rick Scott. She’s also a member of the Florida Lawyers for Romney, Social Conservatives for Romney and Miami-Dade C0unty Co-Chair for George Lemieux for U.S. Senate. My view are my own!

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