Proud daughter


On Monday March 3, 2014, my father received a lifetime achievement award from the National Ready Mix Concrete Association in Las Vegas. My mother and sister Patricia were with him. I missed the occasion because I was in Tallahassee attending the Florida Federation of Republican Women’s Conference. However my sister taped the acceptance speech where my Dad explained how he came to the United States with the clothes on his back and made $14 selling soft drinks at the Orange Bowl and ended by saying he was a Republican and how we must save this country. I wish I had been there but I was where my father raised me to be, fighting for the principles that made our country great: private enterprise, liberty, love of the constitution and religious liberty. Yes, he ended by blessing this great country.
May God bless my Dad and Mom – specially as they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.

One thought on “Proud daughter

  1. Mel, nice for your nice words, yes this is the great country on earth, we all need to defense our freedom, our constitution, our private enterprise, our religious belief ,be generous with the less a fortunate, but people need to work for their future and their families, all American’s need to be united, do not let that some politician want to divide us. remember all, that the family is the foundation of a great society.

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