President Trump in Miami


Welcome back to Miami Mr. President.

You made history as being the only Presidential candidate ever endorsed by the veterans of Brigade 2506. You made history as being the people’s candidate beating the establishment and the media in 2016. You have had your hands full since your inaugural in January and many doubters didn’t think you would keep your campaign promise to the brigade veterans or at least not so soon.

The illegitimate Cuban government owes billions of dollars for properties seized from Americans. The amount ranges from $6 to $9 billion dollars but the real cost is priceless. There are cop killers and medicare fraudsters that live without impunity in the island. The Cuban people are treated like slaves receiving a salary of less than $50 a month (in 2016 the average salary was less than $30)  while some American tourists blatently violate U.S. law and go sip mojitos in Varadero. Jay-Z and Beyonce went on a nice family vacation and so did Madonna and Jodie Foster among so many other elites.

Tens of thousands of people have lost their lives trying to flee the island of Cuba and many more were killed by firing quads lead by the same man that many media outlets call president. Raul Castro and his cronies need to go. Cuba needs to hold free elections, respect human rights and allow its people to have economic freedom.

Thank you for the love and respect you have shown the Cuban-American community and putting America First.





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